Selecting Favorite Photos & Retouching Info

The next step after your shoot is complete is the image proofing process. In this stage, you will select which images from our shoot you would like us to edit as a final product. We want this process to be as hassle-free as possible, so we’ve set up this tutorial to go over things! In the first part, we’ll go over setting up an account and selecting the images themselves. In the second part, we’ll answer questions about the editing process itself and what to expect.

Read the FAQ. No really, please read it!

The images displayed in the proofing gallery are unedited. The exposure, color, orientation, and sharpness have not had any adjustments. Proof images often appear too dark, too contrasty, too bright, or the color may be off. All of these things will be adjusted once we've received your image selections. Images presented to you in the proofing gallery are all considered viable. Once edited, the final versions will be of comparable caliber as the photos in our sample galleries. For portraits, choose photos based on facial expression, body posture, and the general composition.
Our approach for our business is centered around providing the images that people want, need, and love the most. As with all forms of art, photography is very subjective. There are photos we have personally felt were masterpieces that completely did not resonate with our subject. And likewise, our subjects have selected images they perceive to be the best images they have ever had taken of them that may not have been what we might have picked. Although the image proofing process can sometimes be overwhelming, it has proven to be a valuable tool in providing photos to our clients that best serve their needs. We're always happy to lend our opinion if you're stuck on a particular decision! We do make an exception in the case of event photography, where the volume of images produced would simply be too inefficient and time consuming for most of our clients to tackle. For events we select the images to be edited, taking into account any specific requests that were made prior to the shoot.
Each of our services come with a set number of images, so consult your contract or just ask us if you don’t recall. You can always purchase additional images!
We’re happy to pick the strongest image in a series of very similar photos. Just favorite the photos you’re deciding on in the series and leave a comment on one of the photos asking us to edit the best one of that set.
Back in the days of film proofs were all of the images from a session printed on one or more sheets so the client could choose which photographs were to be printed or retouched. We still use the term proof to mean an unedited image preview. Since we do not want unfinished work making it out into public viewing, we mark each image's specific number on the unedited previews to designate that they are unfinished work. Please do not screencapture or otherwise share the proof images. They are for selection purposes only. The final delivered photographs will not have any text or logos on them.

Click on the provided link, and enter your password.

Click on the heart icon of any photo you would like edited to begin your list of favorites.

Enter an email address so that you may save your photo selections and make editing requests. There are no limits to the number of email addresses that can be assigned to a particular photo session for image proofing. However, it does make our job easier if all the selections are consolidated to one list.


In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you will notice the heart icon now has a red dot on it. Click here to review your favorites. Select which list you want to review, and click on it. Once you’ve expanded the specific group you want to review, you’ll see all of the images that you’ve selected in one spot.

To expand on an image to view larger: Click on the image.

To remove an image: Hover over the image and click on the heart that pops up in the right hand corner.

To add a notation about the image: Hover over the image and click on the “add note” icon. This is where any specific requests for consideration in editing should go.

When your selections are complete, click on the paper airplane icon in the upper right-hand corner. Here you have another opportunity to write us a love note or provide general requests for editing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When referring to specific images use the number found at the bottom of the expanded photo. YFIR_date_number. That 3-4 digit number at the end of the title is the very best way for us to be talking about exactly the same image.


Retouching can be a touchy subject with people (no pun intended). It’s a fine balance of doing enough to make people feel their best about their photos, without making the image look fake or unnatural. A common misconception is that all photographers are also masters of Photoshop. The reality is that while photographers need to have some skills in post-production, retouching can be an occupation on its own! So while we are relatively handy at general retouching, some requests may be outside of our expertise, or more time consuming than what is included in our standard editing process. If the request is beyond or knowledge or beyond the scope of what we include in our services we can explore the option of outsourcing to a dedicated retouched (additional charges will apply).

The goal in our retouching is to make you look like you’re having the best skin day possible. It is common for people to have a couple of features about themselves that personally bother them that they would like addressed in the retouching process. Please email us or leave a comment on your photo selection with your requests or concerns regarding retouching. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. Our standard adjustments include:

  • Adjustments for exposure, white balance, and contrast.
  • Eyes and teeth are subtly brightened and enhanced.
  • Sharpness may be adjusted on certain images, although it’s important to note that out of focus elements no matter how much sharpening is applied will remain out of focus. Sharpening is a subtle enhancement.
  • Blemishes will be removed, and skin tones subtly adjusted/balanced. We try to not remove any facial feature that appears to be a permanent part of your face. The goal is to give you the best skin day ever, not to make you look different!
  • We will at times within the scope of our skillset, remove distracting elements from photos.
  • We make no guarantees that we’ll be able to accommodate any specific retouching request, but if there is a request that we cannot fulfill we can explore outsourcing to a more skilled retoucher (additional fees will apply).
  • Perspectives (orientation) will be fixed whenever possible to correct for lens distortion and add to the realism of the photo. We may apply a subtle crop to an image to correct for issues with perspective, but we try and retain as much as possible of the original image.

Here are some examples of our standard editing and retouching, starting first with an unedited “proof” image like the ones you may see in your gallery. The next image is an example of the final delivered image.


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