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Ever since Heather launched her fitness blogging business, Dumbbell Blonde, we’ve been talking about shooting content for her. The only hiccup in planning it was that Heather lives in Chicago. So when she recently planned a trip to San Diego for a vacation, she set aside a day to book us for a lifestyle fitness portrait shoot. For a lot of our portrait clients, a single outdoor location typically provides enough variation in background to satisfy their needs. Bloggers on the other hand because of their daily needs for content, really benefit from shooting in multiple locations. Sometimes this can present some challenges from a lighting and logistics standpoint, but with good pre-planning we can pull off lots of different outfits and awesome spots. Banker’s Hill made for a cool urban neighborhood background for a jogging series. Next we went to Tecolote Shores North to take advantage of some of the built in exercise equipment. As it turned out there were some grassy little hills that made a perfect spot for the yoga content we wanted to shoot. And we ended the day at Marine Street beach to shoot Heather in her snazzy red Baywatch inspired suit. If you’re a professional fitness blogger, personal trainer, yoga instructor, or have a business based off athletics, we’d love to help you create some awesome imagery!

Client: Dumbbell Blonde
Locations: Banker’s Hill, Tecolote Shores North, Marine Street Beach
Hair & Makeup: Kimm DiCato

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