“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” 


Put your best foot forward with a professional headshot and get that extra edge over your competition! Your business is more than just a name and a logo. It’s more than just a color scheme and a graphic layout. Great businesses are made up of great people, and great people need rad photos. If you want your team to each have a photo that represents how cool they are as individuals, then you need Your Face Is Rad to help them achieve their photographic radness potential.

Here's where you can use your headhshot:    



Our headshots are super fast and easy portrait sessions. They are perfect for individuals or companies who just need one amazing photo for social media, business cards or company websites.

Most smart companies out there realize that clients want to know who they are hiring. Having rad images of you and your employees is a great way to inject their personalities into your brand. Business headshots are mini versions of our longer portrait sessions, designed to get an awesome image of each of your employees in a short period of time. We can efficiently go through pretty big rosters of folks, ensuring everyone has a headshot they can be proud of. We offer both indoor and outdoor versions of this service.


Business headshots begin at $250 for individuals and reduce in price depending on the of number people getting photos taken on the same day. On-site hair and makeup can be added for an additional fee. See detailed pricing below.


  • up to 15 minutes of photo session time per person

  • 1 fully retouched, high-resolution photo per person presented in a color with a free black and white version on request


  1. We’ll chat either virtually or on the phone about your photo needs and schedule a convenient time for your shoot. 

  2. Photo shoot day! We offer on site image review to ensure that everyone has a shot they love before we pack up and head out.

  3. Each team member will select their photo on a proofing site that they want edited and retouched.

  4. We’ll deliver fully edited high-resolution digital files from the shoot in an online gallery with instant downloads.


The headshot low-down.

Headshot services are designed for companies who need one or multiple employees photographed with a consistent background. There is a shorter amount of time dedicated to each individual person, but we photograph a lot more faces and the pricing is based on the number of people we have to photograph. Our goal is to create one great photo of each individual. Headshots packages are always shot with a static background, meaning the time allotted does not allow for a location change. While we typically set up in indoor environments, we are able to offer these services for outdoor locations. In these situations, special circumstances may appeal in consideration to lighting and weather, so unless it's been discussed prior it is assumed that all headshot packages will be shot indoors.
Sure thing! We touched upon this in the first question, but here is some more information. The biggest thing we need to factor in is timing the shoot with natural light conditions, and whether or not we’re using an existing environment as the background or setting up a backdrop. In most cases, our headshot clients elect to shoot indoors, but we have worked with companies who have preferred outdoor spots. It all depends on the look you're trying to achieve!
Our mobile studio is a multi-light configuration we've perfected for portraiture that often times also utilizes a solid color background. In order to provide this option for you, we do need an open space to set it up in. We’ll go over it all with you in our consultation to make sure this is a viable option. If it's not feasible to set up our mobile studio in your location we can discuss other options such as studio rentals.
Yes. On average we dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes (often longer) to retouching every image we turn over as a finished product. Even if the intent is to use the photo in a very small capacity, the images we provide will look just as good blown up. Our philosophy in regards to retouching is enhancement, but we also want you to look like yourself!
Heck no. The images we create are for your advertising, not ours. We always love shout outs and credits, but we’d rather that they come from the heart than a stamp on a photo.
On the day of the shoot we review the images we've shot with each subject to ensure there is one image in there that is awesome. Usually by the next day we have our nifty online proof gallery and a great instruction tutorial so you can look over the viable images from the shoot and pick your favorite to be edited.
Through the magic of the internet. We'll give you access to a private online gallery with instant downloads.
As a general rule, you want to avoid wearing the color coral and crazy patterns. For more specific advice on styling, hair, and makeup, we will connect you with professionals whose work we love. We're also happy to put you in touch with our stylist (additional fees will apply).
It takes approximately 3 weeks to turn around fully retouched images, however we’ve been known to deliver faster whenever possible and can make special arrangements when discussed in advance of your session.