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San Diego Brand Photographer | Reclaimed Swag

We got to spend a day with Donna in her workshop with all of her cool power tools, photographing her in her natural element. Donna basically makes a variety of cool things out of reclaimed wood, and her company Reclaimed Swag is a great example of a unique and sustainable business in San Diego.

San Diego Office Environmental Photos | IOA

Environmental photos are the catch terminology we use to describe “company culture” imagery. It’s a great way to capture portraits of people in their work environments, as well as showing the camaraderie of working for a particular company. Roger is a VP for IOA‘s La Jolla branch, and these were some highlights from the series...

NextGen Global Resources | Brand Story

NextGen is a telecommunications recruiter with offices in Chicago and San Diego. Like a lot of companies, the short description of what they do (helping staff telecom companies) doesn’t necessarily convey that they are a fun group of people with an awesome office environment. Branding photography, specifically photos that focus on illustrating the energy of...

McDaniel Avocado Brand Story

McDaniel Avocado is a family run company, whose primary business is the packaging and distributing avocados from California, Central America, and South America. In addition to being a great group of people with multiple generations involved in the business, their primary fruit is the ever popular avocado. It’s hard to not love avocados, especially in...

Brand Story | Idealust

Becky and Jesse are the co-founders of San Diego based Idealust – a business coaching company catering to creatives. For their shoot we wanted to incorporate their love of travel, as well as illustrating the freedom they have in being able to work remotely. We pre-scouted locations to find spots that had backgrounds that complimented...

Brand Story | Photospark

Three talented San Diego photographers began an educational podcast about the topics and issues photographers face as business owners. Although each member of Photospark is a skilled photographer, tripods and timers are a major slow down to any branding story. Of course that’s where Your Face Is Rad comes in! The ladies of Photospark were...

Brand Story | Array of Style

Ashley came to us looking for some new photos of herself for a re-brand she’s in the midst of. It just so happened that she’s also a San Diego based fashion and wardrobe consultant, which we are always on the look out for. Not only is she stylish as hell, she’s super cool too. A...

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