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San Diego Brand Photographer | Reclaimed Swag

We got to spend a day with Donna in her workshop with all of her cool power tools, photographing her in her natural element. Donna basically makes a variety of cool things out of reclaimed wood, and her company Reclaimed Swag is a great example of a unique and sustainable business in San Diego.

San Diego Office Headshots | Rio SEO

Up until meeting the Rio SEO team, I never really associated the term “search engine optimization” with high levels of fun. But after photographing this team I can say SEO doesn’t have to be an endeavor devoid of a good time!

San Diego Office Environmental Photos | IOA

Environmental photos are the catch terminology we use to describe “company culture” imagery. It’s a great way to capture portraits of people in their work environments, as well as showing the camaraderie of working for a particular company. Roger is a VP for IOA‘s La Jolla branch, and these were some highlights from the series...

San Diego Business Headshots | Todd

Todd is an executive recruiter for Caldwell Partners. We’re used to photographing executives, but it was a nice change to meet someone who finds executive talent himself! We love doing roaming outdoor portrait sessions like these. We basically pick a spot that ties in with the vibe we’re trying to achieve to meet, and for...

NextGen Global Resources | Brand Story

NextGen is a telecommunications recruiter with offices in Chicago and San Diego. Like a lot of companies, the short description of what they do (helping staff telecom companies) doesn’t necessarily convey that they are a fun group of people with an awesome office environment. Branding photography, specifically photos that focus on illustrating the energy of...

San Diego Tradeshow Headshots | Lhasa OMS

Every profession has a tradeshow, and when it comes to eastern medicine the Pacific Symposium is the place to be! Todd (first image and heck of a nice guy) from Lhasa OMS (one of the biggest names in acupuncture supply) wanted to gift some of the biggest influencers in the industry with a couple of...

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