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San Diego Lifestyle Portrait Photography | Cindy Stirling

Cindy Stirling is one of our favorite San Diego hair and makeup artists. Her last set of professional photographs of herself had been taken in an indoor location using studio lighting. She wanted something a little different, more of an outdoor lifestyle type of portrait. We decided on the area around the San Diego convention...

San Diego Lifestyle & Fitness Photographer | Heather

Heather is a return client of ours, and one of our favorite people in the world! She’s a personal fitness trainer and nutritionist who runs an online (and in-person if you live in Chicago) business called Dumbbell Blonde. Since she travels all the way from Chicago to shoot with us, we have to pack a...

San Diego Headshot Photographer | LinkedIn Photos

This is Matthew. Matthew is on the hunt for a new job, and he’s a pretty savvy guy because he realizes that LinkedIn is the place to be for job searches. The vast majority of folks on LinkedIn have horrible, nay – HORRIFIC selfies that they are using as their profile images. And banner photos...

San Diego Brand Photographer | Reclaimed Swag

We got to spend a day with Donna in her workshop with all of her cool power tools, photographing her in her natural element. Donna basically makes a variety of cool things out of reclaimed wood, and her company Reclaimed Swag is a great example of a unique and sustainable business in San Diego.

San Diego Office Headshots | Rio SEO

Up until meeting the Rio SEO team, I never really associated the term “search engine optimization” with high levels of fun. But after photographing this team I can say SEO doesn’t have to be an endeavor devoid of a good time!

San Diego Office Environmental Photos | IOA

Environmental photos are the catch terminology we use to describe “company culture” imagery. It’s a great way to capture portraits of people in their work environments, as well as showing the camaraderie of working for a particular company. Roger is a VP for IOA‘s La Jolla branch, and these were some highlights from the series...

San Diego Business Headshots | Todd

Todd is an executive recruiter for Caldwell Partners. We’re used to photographing executives, but it was a nice change to meet someone who finds executive talent himself! We love doing roaming outdoor portrait sessions like these. We basically pick a spot that ties in with the vibe we’re trying to achieve to meet, and for...

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