We’d like to think that assisting on a Your Face Is Rad shoot is both reasonably fun and easy. You don’t need any knowledge in photography to help out, but you may learn a lot about photography by the end of the day. The physical requirements for the job are usually minimal. While there may be some lifting, it’s rare that any one piece of equipment weighs more than 10 lbs. If you have questions or need to get ahold of us on the day of the job, our cell phone numbers are:

Josh (206) 240-0062 -or- Melissa (206) 240-8292

If our shoot is an event we expect you to wear an all-black, business casual outfit. If the shoot you are assisting on is not an event then you are welcome to wear a comfortable, casual outfit. That doesn't mean sweat pants, and we'd like you to avoid wearing any graphic shirt with a logo or wording that may potentially offend someone. We also request that you don't wear any cologne or perfumes. Shorts are fine on hot days but do wear closed-toe shoes.

Unless we specifically ask for it, please refrain from taking any photos or videos during the shoot.

Please have your phone on silent during the course of the shoot, and keep it put away as much as possible. We want to be as attentive as possible to our clients.

Most of our clients are fairly personable, easy-going people. We do ask that while we are actively photographing a person or scene, that conversation be kept to a minimum so that our subjects are not distracted. 

We take Covid seriously. If you aren't feeling well we would much rather you stay home. 

We pay $25 per hour of assisting, with a guaranteed minimum of $150. We pay either by cash or Venmo at the end of the job. If you do not have Venmo, please let us know ahead of time.

You don't need to be super early, just arrive on time and if you think you are going to be late, contact us as soon as you can to let us know.
You're welcome to ask questions about our process and let us know if you have ideas on how to make something better. We do ask that you express your ideas and ask your questions subtly, so as not to detract from the experience the client is having.

If you don't have a background in photography and this is your first time assisting a photographer, there are likely going to be a lot of terms we use that you won't be familiar with. While we don't have any lists to cover the equipment terminology, we do have a page we send to our clients to help them speak our language a little better. Knowing what these terms mean makes everything easier. So while it's definitely not required that you learn or memorize anything, feel free to check our client terminology page

Besides yourself, the only major suggestion we have is to bring a bottle of water and make sure you have dressed appropriately for the weather. If anything it's best to bring the least amount of stuff with you as possible since we'll have plenty of things to put in your hands.

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